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Coverage and Protection becomes a CINCH

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what does 


An extremely Easy Task


Any of or All

We make the insurance process
EASY for ALL customers

Here is how we make it a 

Insurance is frustrating, complicated and confusing.

We explain the details of your policy, so that you understand what is covered, and not covered.

We make proper recommendations to make sure that you and your family are protected.

We thrive on Making the Insurance process a CINCH!!!

We will sort through rates & coverages, to find the ideal coverage that best protects your lifestyle.

We are focused on your INTEREST’s& needs.


We enjoy notifying you in the event of a rates increase or any other changes to your policy.

During our Renewal process, we ensure that your coverages coincide with your current lifestyle.

We will NOTIFY you with a phone call, email, text, smoke signal, or whatever form of contact that suits you.

Filing a claim or making changes to your policy is a Painful Process.

Our job is to take away the worries of insurance and provide a peace of mind.

You can take a deep breath, relax, and be at COMFORT, knowing that we are there for you.


Our #1 job at Cinchiom is to make you feel HIGHLY VALUED by providing you with an experience of security, trust, and satisfaction.

Our process helps you feel that your lifestyle is protected

This is where Coverage and Protection becomes a

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Customer Reviews

Jason was extremely helpful in helping me find an insurance provider and package that fit my small business needs. He took the time to explain the various pieces of my package, which I knew little about of liability insurance and workers comp. I would highly recommend Cinchiom Insurance because of their exceptional customer service and representatives that will go above and beyond to help you find the right fit for your business insurance needs!

Tracy M.
Idaho Falls ID

Lucky to have found Filipe Fa and his team. I'm a landlord and property owner. These guys at Cinchiom Insurance know their stuff, answer any question or concern and have provided quality coverage at competitive pricing. Nice to have friends on the insurance side that you know will have your back

Brandon M
Rigby ID

The staff at Cinchiom Insurance are amazing. When you walk into their office it has a homely feel to it. My husband and I were very pleased with the service they provided. Best Customer service in town.

Ashley J
Rexburg ID

We really enjoyed your professional and quick service. The turnaround on our quote was great. Everything was taken care of in a matter of a couple days and we were off with our new Washington insurance. You guys made it a very easy process for us. Thanks!

Javier V.
Vancouver WA

Amazing, amazing, amazing. Efficiency, care and knowledge is the same of the game over at Davidson. They are a great insurance agency, and they have been wonderful for my business. I highly encourage anyone looking for insurance to team up with Cinchiom Insurance.

Melissa T.
Salmon Creek WA

I was looking at several companies for a life insurance policy and was fortunate enough to get in contact with Jason. I had several other quotes and he worked up a quote that beat the competitors even if it was only by a little bit. He was very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. I couldn't be happier with my experience.

Jennifer A.
Eugene OR

Catalina was very professional, patient, kind, & knowledgeable, answered all my inquiries and explained every question to my satisfaction. I am very pleased!! I had another company quote me a lower price, but I chose Cinchiom Insurance because they are so professional, helpful, and easy to talk to, if you’re looking for Life, Homeowners & Auto insurance, call & get a quote here.

Karla T.
Portland OR

I have never laughed so much just trying to get a quote. Filipe and Jason are freaking hilarious!!! I don’t know if Filipe cares more about fried chicken than selling a policy lol. In a matter of 10 minutes they had a customer. All jokes aside and trust me there were plenty. They took the time to make sure I was protected. Thanks for taking care of me and making me feel a part of the family!!

Marie L.
St. George UT

Levila Is AMAZING!!!!!!! She has Awesome Customer Service skills. She a breath of fresh air always happy when she answers my call. Not to leave out the Entire team they too have been nothing but pleasant professional and take such great care of me!!! So, if you’re looking for great Insurance, look no further this is the place to go. They really do make the process a Cinch. Can’t imagine going anywhere ELSE!!!

Leilani K.
Salt Lake City UT

Never have I had insurance explained to me this simple. I no longer look at insurance based solely on price but on coverage. The staff here at Cinchiom Insurance really go at length to make sure your needs and assets are protected. I am so happy now as a small business owner knowing that my business is protected properly, I would highly recommend this company.

Travis P.
Mesa AZ

Simple and Effortless is the process at Cinchiom. I was your typical every 6-12 months insurance shopper looking for deals. What a blessing it was to find an Insurance Broker that can do the shopping for me according to my needs. Not having to worry is why I chose Cinchiom. If your looking for a company that you can trust, this is the place!!!

Maria L.
Phoenix AZ